business contents

Sending useful advanced technologies to the world by utilizing patent technologies

Based on the business principle of「connect Japanese R&D and future of the world」, Swallow Incubate works on the excavation of Japanese useful patent technologies (research results), additional researches and practical development (SDK・ API development), and technical offer to corporations who need specific technologies.

business contents

In Japan high quality results of research are generated however many of them are not known to the world because they are not used on businesses and not monetized. We as a technology venture aim at connection of Japanese research results and future of the world, development of technologies, and creation of better world by finding out those results of research, developing (R&D), and sending them out to the world

Currently we have technical cooperation with Panasonic Corporation, and are working mainly on the R&D of 「The Voice Emotion Recognition」,「The Iris Recognition」, and offering of SDK/API.

Introduction of the representative

Toshikazu Ohno

Representative director CEO / Chief Executive Officer

Toshikazu Ohno

Born at Kitanagoya-shi in Aichi prefecture and graduated Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Korean specialty. Held successively Administration manager/CFO in several domestic IT ventures and acquired experiences of business management. Currently as a researcher・R&D engineer, working on programming by himself, and producing proto-type including hardware by making full use of open sources like OpenCV, KissFFT, Armadillo and working on R&D groping feasibility.

  • Patent technology researcher
  • Management expert

Advisor introduction

Team Design Advisor

Atsumi Shigematsu

Born and raised at Kitakyushu-city, Fukuoka prefecture. Majored in Business Administration at the university, and studied abroad at Baylor University (Texas, U.S.A) as an exchange student for 1 year.
After graduation, worked for 2 Japanese companies, and then joined Intel Japan Co., Ltd. in 1986. Started to work as the supply planner for customers in the supply chain department, and then moved to Intel America (California, U.S.A) as a project manager for 2 years. Returned to Intel Japan and took the roles to manage Customer Support / Forward & Reverse Logistics departments covering Japan & APAC markets. Retired Intel Japan in July, 2016.
While acting the part-time lecturer at University of Tsukuba since 2012 (teaching “Communication Skills Training”, “Cross-cultural Communication”), joined Swallow Incubate Co., Ltd. in March, 2018 and working on the translations and Team Design Project.

Atsumi Shigematsu

Company information

Company name

Swallow Incubate Co., Ltd.

Establishment date

Dec. 3, 2013


Toshikazu Ohno


〒305-0047 C-B-5 Tsukuba Center Inc., 2-1-6
Sengen, Tsukubai-shi, Ibaraki prefecture


TEL : 029-886-9912  FAX : 029-886-9913


5 million yen

Business contents

Technical support service (Patent technology SDK/API)

Number of the staff

10 (as of end of Sep., 2018)

Corporation lawyer / Patent attorney

GVA Low Office Lawyer and Patent attorney Toshiaki Onda

Affiliated organization

Sharing Economy Association, Japan

Acquisition qualification

All ministries and government offices unification qualifications (a supplier cord: 0000184765)

Major business customers

Panasonic Corporation
Shamrock Records Incorporation
Human machine communication Co., Ltd., others